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High Fives

OurVillage Tutoring pairs elementary and middle school students with academically successful high school aged and older tutors. Our tutors provide personalized academic support and encouragement for younger students through one-to-one virtual interactions. Our tutors collaborate directly with their student's family and/or teachers to customize our program to perfectly fit the individual student's needs. We understand that every student is different, and we are dedicated to helping every student find their love of learning!

About OurVillage

We are a team of high achieving students and educators who are passionate about learning. We provide one-to-one virtual tutoring services for elementary and middle school students. Our individualized programs are designed to complement our students' in-class education.

Our Services


We are a network of high school and college aged students, parents, and educators who are passionate about education. Our team has a diverse set of academic interests and skills, and we are excited to learn with you!


You are our future! There are many opportunities for new students to learn with us, schools to partner with us, and volunteers to work with us. Click the button below to learn how to get involved with OurVillage. We look forward to hearing from you!


Do you want to find out more about our current initiatives? Read recent posts from our tutors, reflections from our volunteers, and new updates about our organization on OurUpdates page by clicking the button below!


Our goal is to help every student learn to love learning! We hope to instill confidence in each of our students by helping them identify the skills and strategies that "click" for them. We love working with a diverse group of students!


We work with a diverse group of K-8 students. We are currently working with families enrolled in several Philadelphia School District public and charter schools. Each of our students has unique interests, goals, and backgrounds.


With guidance from a student's teacher or parent/guardian, our tutors use online resources to reinforce and practice skills that have been taught at school. We customize our program to fit the needs of each student.


"Our tutor was very patient and attentive to my son who has been somewhat rusty in the reading and math departments."


Andrew Jackson School

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