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Open Books

August 25, 2020

Reading Progress

Although my student and I only had tutoring sessions two days a week this summer, I am amazed each session by the amount of progress my student has made in reading. Not only has my student made progress in reading, but their confidence has skyrocketed. Words that we were sounding out during the first week, my student now reads without hesitation. I have no doubt that my student is capable of continuing to achieve great feats academically, and I hope I will continue to be involved as they do so.



High School Tutor

Math Formulas and a Calculator

August 12, 2020

Math Achievements

We started the summer working through Khan Academy math problems and I found that my student struggled with questions that were just numbers and math symbols. Word problems were easy for the student, perhaps because of her strong language skills, but the abstract symbols were not. After several sessions trying different approaches to solving equations and understanding the math symbols, today my student “got it”! I am doing a happy dance just thinking about how proud I am of her. 



Adult Tutor


September 1, 2020

End of Summer Session

We are so proud of all of our students that participated in the 2020 OurVillage Summer Session! We had a very successful summer and continue to be amazed by each student's remarkable progress. Thank you to all of the tutors for your hard work and dedication to our program this summer. We could not have made this happen without you!


General Update


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