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We want to help every student develop academic skills and learning strategies that will allow them to find their love of learning. By pairing our talented tutors with our students for one-on-one virtual sessions, our program fosters meaningful mentorships. 


We understand that learning is hard under the best of circumstances. Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, many schools shifted to remote education. Students in virtual classrooms face many additional distractions and receive less individualized attention. OurVillage tutors can help students catch up on topics, refine skills, and implement new learning strategies. Our tutors excel in explaining topics in a multitude of ways to help a student fully understand each concept, and our tutors are skilled at identifying learning strategies that make the most sense to their student. We understand that every student is unique, and we value our customizable program that can help students with a diverse range of interests, skills, and backgrounds. 


Even when school is not virtual, one-to-one tutoring may help develop a student’s love of learning and may complement in-class learning with fun educational experiences. A portion of a young student’s education takes place outside of the classroom. From practicing letters and numbers on license plates when walking down the street to reading a book out loud to doubling the ingredients in their favorite recipe, there are many ways that students practice and develop skills outside of the classroom. Our tutors can provide additional outside of the classroom learning.

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