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Our program is customized to each student's individualized needs and interests. We introduce academic high-achieving, high school and college aged students or adults from around the world with elementary and middle school students. Each student will meet one-to-one with their tutor eitehr once or twice a week for approximately 45 minutes via Zoom to practice challenging concepts that the student has learned in school and learn new strategies that will prepare the student for academic success. Most importantly, during the one-to-one sessions, our tutors are able to provide meaningful mentorship and help students grow their love for learning. 

Our program is designed to complement each student's in-class education. Our tutors follow guidance from their student's teacher and/or family to ensure that their work aligns with the students academic needs. During their sessions, our tutors utilize a collection of resources to help their student practice skills and develop helpful learning strategies.

Our program is completely free. Our tutors volunteer their time to work with our amazing students.

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