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Partner with us!

Starting in June of 2020, we paired our tutors with kindergarten through 8th grade students from a Philadelphia Neighborhood School District school. Our tutors worked one-to-one with their students twice per week, through virtual sessions that typically lasted 30-60 minutes each. We received wonderful feedback from our students' parents about the positive connections that the students made with their tutors, as well as the impressive academic growth that their child achieved. 

Over the 2020-21 school year, we expanded to work with students from more than 20 different schools. We are happy to partner with a specific school or classroom to provide coordinated tutoring to those students. Our tutor will work one-to-one with that student to practice the skill and develop learning strategies. Our tutor can check in with the student's teacher on a regular basis to ensure that our program  continues to best fits the student's needs. 

If your school or organization is interested in partnering with OurVillage, please email

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